Morning Prayer

Nehes, nehes, nehes
Nehes em hotep,
Nehes enneferu,
Nebet hotepet!
Weben em hotep,
Weben em neferu,
Nutjert em Ankh,
Nefer em Pet!
Pet em hotep,
Ta em hotep,
Nutjert sat Nut,
Sat Geb,
Merit Auser
Nutjert Asha-renu!
Anetj hrak
Anetj hrak
Tua atu
Tua atu
Nebet Aset!

Awake, awake, awake,
Awake in peace,
Lady of Peace,
Rest thou in peace,
Rest thou in beauty,
Goddess of Life
Beautiful in Heaven.
Heaven is in peace,
Earth is in peace
O goddess,
Daughter of Nut,
Daughter of Geb,
Beloved of Osiris,
Goddess rich in names!
All praise to You
All praise to You,
I adore You,
I adore You,
Lady Isis!




“How a dog-rose entwines into the height at house and temple walls, so the heart unites itself with the heart of my universal love. Because the love of the mother penetrates all tiers, the heart of every living being, every plant, every atom. Where a heart is, there is life. There are not any beings that are lost how much they like to have removed also from the Eternal Reality, guided into the madness by the treacherous appearances of many existences. Then, who wanders about in planking; whose soul calls for the mother, the source of their existence; -and this call never faded away yet unheard. Because if also the Free will is lost, so, nevertheless the soul is not lost, instead of this it is found back; but this comes about not through their virtue, but through the grace of the mother. Speak with Me at your shrine; listen for My Voice. Open to me your hearts. So your daily holier attitude may be a sign for you're accepting my grace. There, where one is praying in front of My Picture or My Statue. Sets up two Candles, smoking-factory and a bowl with water, there I have my residence. There joy, health and abundance may be the gifts of my eternal love.”



- Lady Isis, daughter of Geb, daughter of Nut, Goddess of Magic




Midnight Prayer

I hail You and praise You,
Glorious Goddess,
At the end of this day which You granted me.
May my actions within its hours be judged to be justified,
And my words within its hours found to be true.
Drain from me all intent and action;
I offer to You all energy I have locked in unworthy action or reaction
May tomorrow by Your grace find me wiser
and my joy in the universe still greater;
I ask Your welcome now in the Temple;
Accept me this night for rest, for study, and for worship;
Grant me dreams of meaning and the memory to recall them.
Hail to You, Goddess of the starry pathways;
Hail to You, Goddess of the Deep Black,
Hail to You, Goddess of the Shining Sun at Midnight,
May I partake of Your glory forever.