The Legend of the Sun God Tiki Viracocha

From the time before the Incas reached to the domination in their kingdoms the Red Indians tell following story:

"Throughout a long period of time mankind was not seeing the sun.
Many supplications and proclamations were pointed to the Gods, in which they were implored to bring back the vanishing light. As it arose from the Island of Titicaca, which is located in the Great Lake in the province of Colla, the Sun in its quintessential magnificence, and all were full of pleasure.

And then, so they said, a white man of great figure appeared whose lookout and being called forth highest enchantment.
And this man had preternatural powers then he made mountains to plains and plains to high mountains and he allowed fountains to arise from the elevated rocks.

When they saw his power they called him "Creator and Beginning of all things" and "Father of the Sun". Except these wonder acts, so it is delivered, he performed even greater, then he evoked animals and men into existence. To say it in one word: out of his hand were coming great benefactions. And this man took his way to North and affected everywhere he was arriving the same miracles. But then one didn't see him anymore.

It says that he taught mankind how to live and that he was gently and affectionately speaking with them and ordering them to be good, not to inflict mischief and not to endamage anybody but to love each other and to be merciful with Everyone. Mostly they called him Tiki Viracocha, in the province Colla he is named Tyapaca, in other parts of the country Arnauan

"Esteem among mankind, between the dead and the living and
concerning to the nature."

- Those were the commandments of the Creator God Viracocha, the Creator God in human shape."